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We all live under one sky. ACOG’s work, backed by the UK Government, will seize the potential of Britain’s airspace under one strong plan. This plan will offer more efficient and cleaner airspace for travellers, businesses, and communities across the UK.

What is airspace modernisation?

Airspace modernisation is a complex process which will include the structural redesign of the UK’s airspace, as well as changing how the systems on which it runs work.

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Why modernise our airspace?

Airspace is a crucial part of the UK’s infrastructure. Just like our roads and railways, it must be improved to keep people moving as efficiently as possible.

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We have everything you need about the UK’s plans for upgrading airspace over the coming years.

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Who are ACOG?

ACOG is a team tasked with coordinating the UK’s airspace change programme, which will contribute to the Government’s vision for quicker, quieter, and cleaner flights.

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